Inflatable ShotSkis Are This Winter's Ski Trip Essential

by Millie Moore · November 28, 2018

    Signs that summer is no longer: rooftop season has died down, you're actually IN New York on the weekends, and your Instagram feed isn't clogged with influencers and scantily clad socialites taking the least candid photos of all time on candy colored Funboy pool floaties.

    Well, Funboy has found a new way to dominate your Instagram feed in spite of it being bitterly cold out. 

    Introducing inflatable ShotSkis. Whether you're familiar with the tradition from frat parties, aprés ski gatherings, or when Andy Cohen forces his guests to do them on Watch What Happens Live (but then again how much force does it take for a Vanderpump Rules star to do a shot or seven for attention?), you definitely know what these contraptions are. 

    Now Funboy has taken the game to a whole new level by creating an inflatable ShotSki that you can basically carry anywhere, from an office holiday party (hint, hint to my managing editor) to a boring family gathering! Not to mention your annual pilgrimage to Aspen. It blows up to be 6 feet long, so at least you can use it as a way to measure 5'10" guys who claim to be 6 foot before you kiss them under the mistletoe. 

    You can purchase the drinking toy here, and hopefully this one won't nearly kill Andrew Warren!

    [Photo via Funboy]