Get Paid To Travel & Drink Canned Wine All Day

by Millie Moore · May 4, 2017

    Deactivate your LinkedIn and stop staying until 8 at night for that promotion you halfheartedly want, because we have found the ultimate dream job for you. And yes, there's wine involved.

    You've probably heard of being a brand ambassador before, and you've probably been one because it's an easy job and it's something to add on your resumé. But this is way better. Through Washington winery Union Wine Co., you can get a job road tripping from the West Coast to the East Coast and all the way back in a traveling wine bar as a "canbassador." Drinking and driving (the legal way) - does it get any better? 

    What are the pre-reqs, you ask?

    -21 or your fake from ID chief is no good here.

    -Ability to drive large your parents pawning their old minivan on your when you were 16 for your first car has come in handy!

    -Flexible schedule...just quit your job!

    -Ability to do heavy those hours you put in at Equinox will totally pay off!

    -Outgoing and enjoys meeting new people...we mean, you're going to be drinking wine on the job, so this should definitely be no problem!

    -Communicate via email and you ever not have your phone on you?

    Traveling around in a mobile bar all summer while hitting up events like music festivals? Sounds like a better summer job than being a lifeguard or interning! And did we mention that there's WINE INVOLVED?

    [Photo via @unionwinecompany, via]