Goodbye LeRoi Moore, Thanks For All The Good Times

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 20, 2008

    Leroi Moore

    [Photo via Hardcore Shutterbug]

    There is simply nothing like a Dave Matthews Band concert at Giants Stadium in the summer.  The energy in the air with an 80K crowd is truly palpable.  The endless jams, the colorful sounds, the amazing encores (Think All Along The Watchtower, Ants Marching) all serve to create a truly splendid summer vibe, full of hope (Everyday), love (Crush), life+happiness(Tripping Billies), and of course for some lucky concert-goers passion (Crash into Me)

    Leroi Moore, DMB's saxaphonist and a founding member, was no doubt part of and responsible for the countless number of fond memories and amazing music.  And so upon news of his passing, we say thanks for all the good times and may you rest in peace.