Gourmates.com, A Delicious Way To Network

by CHRISTINE CHO · June 26, 2008

    Chris Cho interviews Jordan Khammar of Gourmates.comFor those who love food, cooking, AND networking, there is a website that has been created just for you! Welcome Gourmates.com (get it, gour-MATES heehee), the world's first networking web site devoted to the international gourmet community.

    Yesterday, I met with Jordan Khammar, the creator and managing partner of the site, over some burrata and mortadella at Bar Pitti to discuss the launch of his site this summer. He was kind enough to share with me where the idea came from and how he plans to drive the site forward:

    A former finance consultant and self-professed foodie, Jordan developed the idea while on a trip to Turkey with current business partner, Ekin Yasin. He wanted to create a site that was more user friendly for the food enthusiast, as opposed to visiting the many online magazines, recipe archives, and food blogs out there.

    Gourmates.com will combine a recipe and review section as well as a travel page to link with foodies in other cities, event planning tools, restaurant suggestions, a section for the industry who can bid on special events or private parties, and, last but not least, a personal networking profile that can pair you up with other people from around the world with common culinary likes and dislikes. You take it from there.

    I personally am excited for the launch of Gourmates.com because it collectively brings together what I need and want as a professional. Who knows, maybe it will also help my personal life.

    Check it out this August.