High Society Psychic Laura Day Says You Have The Power To Live Your Dream Life

by Stephanie Maida · June 18, 2021

    Laura Day has been given a few titles in her day: Intuitive, Healer, Corporate Advisor, New York Times Bestselling Author. 

    But, she says, "I’m a psychic, basically. In common lexicon, I’m a no-nonsense, practical, psychic." And so, according to her (and, apparently, science!), are you.

    OK, don't get freaked out. Let's start from the beginning. 

    Laura Day is as fabulous as she is fascinating. In her over 30-year career, she's become world renowned for her applicable use of "intuition," advising everyone from Fortune 500 bigwigs to A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Demi Moore is one of her best friends. She's penned numerous books, including the best-sellers Practical Intuition and How to Rule the World from Your Couch. Having already turned her talents into quite the lucrative career, Laura has been freely sharing them with the public on social media and in group workshops, where she's been helping everyday people tap into their own powers - and lead themselves into the life of their dreams. 

    But don't expect a woo-woo lecture on visualization and meditation. In fact, when it comes to Laura, don't expect anything you would from a typical psychic at all.

    "Back in the ‘80s, I used to identify myself as a practicing intuitive because psychics had to - were required to - like cats, burn incense, look good in purple, and live in walk-ups," she tells me over the phone. "And I was none of those things. I was a champagne-drinking, Barneys-wearing, five-inch-heel kind of New York girl. I didn’t own crystals."

    Rather, Laura roots her abilities in science. Hence the "no-nonsense" part of her introduction. "I started my career as a subject back in the '80s when science was really interested in the extended capacities of the human mind. So ESP, 'extrasensory perception' - although I’d argue it’s just sensory perception, not extra, we just have to identify it."

    "I really didn’t have any affinity towards the 'New Age.' I think in terms of hits and misses: what’s verifiable, what’s accurate? Like, people are fixated on their past lives, but does that mean you’re doing a great job in this one?" she muses, in a tone that sounds like your favorite teacher shaking their head at your C+ because they know you can do better.

    "I think people often use the esoteric as an escape from the much more challenging reality of How do I stay healthy? How do I find love? How do I create a great business? How do I become a good community member? What do I believe? Do I believe it enough to put my money where my mouth is? Or my time into it? Those are the real challenges and it's much easier to try to find peace by sitting on a cushion in the corner of your room and chanting." 

    The trendy buzzwords, the mood boards and manifestations, really have no place in Laura's real-world guide to getting what you want. There's no magic wands or crystal balls. But you might need a notebook.

    "The first thing to do is to really be aware of what it is you’re trying to create, and then to allow for the possibility that it could be created in ways that you haven’t thought of. Because thought and creativity, and even wishing, all come from what you already know. Intuition directs you to everything that’s possible," she explains. 

    "So have a goal, write it down, and notice over days and weeks what, all of a sudden, you become aware of as you consciously move towards that goal. What obstacles, what information, what people come to mind, to your attention. What you become dissatisfied with, what you begin to enjoy more of, and if you write it down or document it all, what you’ll notice is even by the end of 10 days, you actually have a map of things that will happen."

    Skeptical? Well, the billion-dollar companies who've kept Laura on retainer for decades certainly aren't. Curiosity of course leads me to asking how she applies these abilities to the corporate world, which is, technically, her day job. 

    "My job is to predict the future for companies. This will happen. Often it’s things they can’t change, but they can change their position. There are a couple of things I’ve done totally by accident. One was to predict the drop in oil prices, the credit crunch of 2008. The thing is I couldn’t keep them from happening, it was out of my sphere of influence, but for my clients at least, that prediction allowed them to be on the right side of it," she says.

    "And sometimes they have control. So a company has control over their packaging and I tell them it will be damaged in shipment and so they need to re-conceptualize it. Before they’ve even finished their packaging. So it’s really troubleshooting something in the present that will happen in the future."

    And while she might help save some of our stock portfolios behind the scenes, Laura really just wants to help people see the potential in their personal lives. Even when it comes to the A-listers we would all consider to have reached the pinnacle of success. 

    "People see the benefit of celebrity. You get free stuff! You're admired! You can cut the line at Disneyland! But what they don’t see is that they can’t go out of their house without someone making comments. They’re visible, they rarely feel safe. The public has demands that they think are reasonable, but you are the 200th autograph request on their way to the store. One of the things that I do for my high-profile friends or clients is help them create a life within a life that’s manageable for them. And on some level we’re all trying to do that. Everyone’s a celebrity in their own life."

    By the end of our chat, I feel inspired. Not by the mystical powers of the universe, but by the practical powers of myself. Just listening to her talk tends to have that effect.

    "This very moment you can decide that your life is going to be different. If you’re willing to deal with what comes up - the information you didn’t exactly want to hear, the person who doesn’t fit your fantasy - if you’re willing to see life as the lesson plan and to be empowered enough (or at least fake being empowered enough) to deal with what comes up and stay stalwart in your direction, intuition will be engaged as will all of your other significant resources."

    And, just saying, following her on Instagram surely wouldn't hurt.

    [Photos courtesy Laura Day]