Hoboken St. Patrick's Day: Kegs And Eggs This Saturday!

by Chelsea Burcz · March 6, 2009

    St. Patty's Day Build up your alcohol tolerance so you can keep up with the Irish this Saint Patty's Day (or at least attempt to) by crossing the Hudson to the wonderful "armpit of America", otherwise known as New Jersey, for a day of partying in the streets. This Saturday is the 2009 Hoboken Saint Patrick's Day Parade, the precursor to the March 17th celebration in NYC. Some take this holiday seriously with "kegs and eggs", a party that starts at 7 am and ends when you pass out face down in the street dressed like a leprechaun. The bars are known to have lines around the block starting at 9 am. So enjoy a day to be vulgar and listen to Bruce Springsteen... there are few opportunities where this behavior will be accepted, let alone applauded.

    More photos below...

    St. Patty's Day