International Pillow Fight Day This Saturday In Washington Square Park

by Ani Palen · April 6, 2012

    On April 7th thousands of people will gather in over a hundred different locations around the world to (lovingly) beat the crap out of each other with pillows. These pillow fights are brought to you from the kids at Newmindspace and they started taking place in 2008. Since then they have become increasingly popular and now April 7th is known to some as “International Pillow Fight Day.”

    In order to participate there are common decency rules that pillow fighters must abide by. These include: soft pillows only, swing lightly, don’t swing at people without pillows, and wait for the signal to begin. Basically they're the same pillow fightin' rules you had in elementry school.

    Last year it was held in Union Square and 5,000 people showed to enjoy the spectacle and join in. The whole event is completely legal, and last year the pillow fight area was sectioned off so that only willing participants with pillows could be engulfed in the madness. There were also police present making sure everything was all in good fun. If you’re interested in checking it out or participating this year head over to Washington Square Park at 3:00 PM this Saturday.

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