Its A Small World Afterall

by guestofaguest · July 10, 2007



    Facebook, Facebook,'s all we hear about these days, and it's not just sorority girls and recent grads anymore, 30+ year olds are getting in on it, messaging and poking like it's going out of style. While we admit we get on every now and then to check up on old friends and see the latest wedding that took place, we will always stay true to our profiles above all else.

    A Small World, for those of you on the outside, is like the Bungalow 8 of social-networks (back when Bungalow 8 was "Bungalow 8"). It was started a few years back by a guy name Erik Wachtmeister in his apartment in NYC. There are no picture albums, no poking or proding, just genuine people searching for the same across the world. It's a place to exchange tips on the best restaurants in Istanbul, to figure out what hotel to stay at in New York City, or where the party is in Barcelona on a given night. It is an online community that has remain just that: a community, not a free for all where everyone is included and let in. And when you post questions in the forum, people respond immediately and thoughtfully. It is not just another procrastination tool.

    So how have they retrained the community aspect? It's simple, you need an invite to join, and only a few select people have invite priviledges. So unfortunately those who are on the outside looking to get in will have to make a good connection in the real world in order to get on ASM.