Janie Kruse Garnett's Brilliant New Bedding Collection Is Bursting With Posh Garden Vibes

by Guest of A Guest · January 10, 2022

    Florals for... all seasons? Groundbreaking!!

    A most brilliant jeweler by trade, Janie Kruse Garnett has been making her mark as an all around aesthete to watch since expanding her brand to include a line of cheeky, chic, sophisticated homewares. 

    A playfully marked handmade sterling silver cheese knife?

    Beyond posh pomegranate branch cocktail picks?

    Life should only be filled with such exquisite things!

    But the true piece-de-resistance of the new collection? Her quick to become cult favorite bed linens! Perhaps you've seen them sitting pretty in tastemaker extraordinaire Julia Berolzheimer's home? Très très chic, no?

    Taking to her mother's garden with paint supplies in hand, Janie created her classic meets whimsical print by hand painting all of the beautiful flowers she found on display - including hydrangeas, hollyhocks and more.

    "This pattern is (quite blatantly and shamelessly) inspired by the chintzes of yore - but these flowers are all from my childhood summers in Chatham, MA (long before the sharks. Yikes)."

    "Daylilies, honeysuckle, and beach roses all infused the air with that sweet-but-clean, petrichor-related fragrance. Hydrangeas and hollyhocks loosely framed lawn and walkway borders like ramparts and sentinels."

    "This pattern is based on simpler times, and if you’re looking for bed linens, you are probably well into sophisticated life conundrums at this point. My hope is that in those cross eyed drowsy moments immediately following the morning’s call to arms, you will think of happy, simple things, like which seam-y road is best for today’s walk to the bakery."

    Sounds pretty romantic, no? 

    No wonder she couldn't keep them in stock!

    Available now on Moda Operandi, the pillows and bed linens are produced in a family-owned factory in Italy and made from a luxurious, organic 300-thread-count cotton percale.

    Only thing left to consider - are you more of a Hydrangea Blue or a Racing Green person?

    [Photos courtesy Janie Kruse Garnett]