Let's Hear It For "Sakura Matsuri"!

by LAUREN BELSKI · May 1, 2008

    the Japanese Cherry Blossom FestivaBecause I am one of the Brooklyn variety, my blogging style is sometimes a sad stereotype of myself. For one, I am a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, which, if you are a Brooklynite, you know is the source of much contention because of the “militant hippie types” (but the food, people, is yummie and cheap!). For the record—if you can’t tell by the cheerleading skirt—I shave my legs and I love cheeseburgers. But, I DO RECYCLE. Ok, that said, I will move on to my next earthy initiative. As I’ve seen an interest, shall we say, blooming in my more glamour- inclined blogmates in the pink radiance of those cherished cherry blossoms, I thought I’d send out word that this weekend is “Sakura Matsuri”, or, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival which welcomes springtime.

    The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens will be hosting perfume seminars, Hanagasa Odori (flower dancing), and even have some J-pop Ballads a-rocking to welcome in the warm weather. So fill that flask full of saki. You should always match your renegade cup with the occasion.

    [My Afternoon At The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens]