New York's Best Bloody Mary Is Almost Too Easy To DIY

by Christie Grimm · January 27, 2017

    Lure Fishbar's Bloody Mary Royale is seriously, no joke, for real for real the best Bloody Mary in town. And that, as one can imagine, is not a title that we hand out lightly. Sure the subterranean Soho staple's bloody may not be the most simple of drinks all things considered, but hey, these people understand the importance of accessories. We mean, when is more never not enough?

    So what is it then that makes this tall glass of tomato juice so remarkably good? Just ask chef Josh Capon. "There's no better drink to start the weekend than a Bloody Mary Royale at lure Fish Bar, with a perfect chilled shrimp cocktail and a oyster shooter on the side. Gets the blood flowing for a great weekend!

    Yes, a shrimp cocktail and an oyster shooter. The two things that make even the best thing in the world that much better. Because really, all drinks should have at least one crustacean hanging on the rim. 


    Tomato juice
    Lemon juice
    Lime juice
    Black pepper
    Celery salt
    Worcestershire sauce

    Garnish with lemon, lime, olives, shrimp, celery, and an oyster shooter!

    [Photo via @alessiaelysee]