Mimi Weddell...The Hat Party Planning Begins

by Rachelle Hruska · November 12, 2008

    Ari Cohen, Mimi Weddell[Mimi Weddell and Ari Cohen going over notes at Juliano Coffee]

    Ari and I are very excited to start planning an extraordinary party for Actress-Model-NYC figure, Mimi Weddell. It will be hard to put together an affair that is half as extraordinary as the woman herself, but if anyone is up for the job it's Ari.  We met with the 93 year old up at Juliano's coffee today where we sat and listened to Mimi share her most personal contacts with us via her planner, an unorganized concoction of handwritten names and addresses, it was amazing to me that she manages everything on her own still. Mimi's newest film titled "Hats Off" is being released to DVD.  Get ready to see more from Mimi and her fabulous style!

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