Most Exciting News Of The Week: Dreamland Roller Rink Is Back!


    Dreamland Roller Rink It's a slow news day.  If I have to hear another person bring up that weird Montauk Monster this week I may lose it. Leave the guy alone already!  It's just not something I need to be staring at each morning over breakfast. (Though you can go here to vote on what you think it is).  Alas it's time for some real news! And this IS exciting.  Lola Staar's Dreamland Roller Rink is re-opening.  Maybe this is a sign that the new redevelopment plan for Coney Island is actually working.  We are just excited we have a place to throw our roller-skating birthday parties at...after The Roxy sadly left us hanging.

    Lola (aka shopkeeper/activist Dianna Carlin) has been working to open the 40x80 foot rink for a while now.  After a few fits and starts, the rink finally opened on July 25th.  This Saturday, August 2, will be the big party to celebrate, though she hasn't given out further details.

    On the Dreamland Rink site, Lola says that in addition to groovy skating, she plans to have:

    feature performances from rockin' bands, gorgeous burlesque, groovin' DJs, mind blowing performance art, yummy eye candy, fine art and more.

    The rink is open til midnight everyday except Sunday, admission is $10, skate rentals $5, or bring your own skates or roller blades.

    Lola Staar's Dreamland Roller Rink

    Coney Island Development