Alice Naylor-Leyland & Kimberly Whitman Chat Their Mushroom-Filled Autumnal Affair!

by Guest of A Guest · November 18, 2022

    What chicer way to celebrate the season than a transatlantic tabletop get-together?

    This week, celebrated author and tastemaker Kimberly Whitman welcomed Alice Naylor-Leyland to her Texas home with a beautiful luncheon celebrating the British hostess's most delightfully autumnal tablescape pieces.

    A centerpiece sprouting with mushrooms, squirrels playfully peaking over plates, and every glass, plate, fork and knife perfectly placed!

    Curious to learn more about Kimberly and Alice's table setting strategies and favorites?

    KIM: As I wrote in A Loving Table, my parents taught me that every good thing in life is cause for a celebration and that is certainly true when it comes to Thanksgiving as I reflect on all we have to be grateful for. Because I grew up in a home full of these celebrations, setting the table has always been an event at my house! I love to dream and scheme up table settings so when I met Alice Naylor-Leland, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Alice has created table centerpieces in a box that delight for every occasion. She has truly elevated the art of laying a table, bringing it to the next level while somehow making it easier at the same time! When I heard that Alice was coming to Dallas, I couldn’t wait to celebrate with friends. We planned a table together that made all of my autumn dreams come true!

    I love to start my Thanksgiving tablescape plans inspired by a plate. After all, the decadent comfort foods we enjoy with family need a special frame! This year, it will be Alice’s Mushroom collection that inspires the rest of the table.

    ALICE: I always start with the tablecloth when I curate a table, I feel it sets the backdrop and color theme for the rest of the tablescape and then I start building on top with complimentary linens and work my way up to the decorations!

    KIM: Alice’s mushroom centerpieces were a hit with our guests. Everyone apologetically reached out to touch and feel them! They add such charm to the table! Opening the box from Mrs. Alice to set out the middle of the table was such a delight. Every element inside is wrapped in colorful tissue and ribbons and it feels like such a gift.

    ALICE: Thank you so much. A lot of love goes into the packing of every Mrs. Alice order and so I'm always thrilled to hear good feedback. Our mushrooms are always so popular, and in my opinion, no fall table is complete without them.

    KIM: I like to add personal touches from around the house when setting the table so I incorporated some silver leaves that I have collected over the years. The Mrs. Alice box I selected included some little squirrels, moss and acorns so I added them to my silver leaves.

    ALICE: Since I started Mrs. Alice in 2019, I'm proud to say our mission remains the same, "to take the hassle out of hosting." I wanted to make it easy for people to enjoy elegantly curated tables, and so this led me to designing our Decoration Sets, an effortless way to add beauty to your table. I thought your stunning Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers looked wonderful amongst the silver leaves and woodland moss.

    KIM: I absolutely love enjoying a meal around the table with friends and family and I love that a beautiful table makes those gathered around it feel extra special. However, I also love to move the celebration around a bit and serve dessert in another room. I ordered an extra box from Mrs. Alice for the coffee and sweets table in the living room and layered them with my silver trays full of cookies and champagne!

    [Photos by The John Cain Photography Team]