NYC Pizza Experiences That Even Italy Can't Compete With

by MICHAEL PASTORINO · June 19, 2008

    di fara\'s pizzaDuring the past four months, which I spent in Italy, I had one inner battle waging time and time again:

    Well, this pizza’s good, but not quite what you get in New York. No, never as good as New York,”

    I would say, twisting my own arm. The truth is the pizza there was delicious, I admit it, and to curtail the withdrawal, I made a list of the pizzerias that I now thankfully find myself returning to, here in NYC:

    Two Boots: West Village & other locations: Louisiana style pizza themed after pop legends. Recommended: The Dude: Cajun Bacon Cheeseburger Slice, with tasso, ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella. Although you’ll have to bring your own White Russian. ($8-$12 per person)

    Di Fara Pizza: Midwood, Bk: the legend, the myth, the man: Dominic DiMarco. Watch as he sticks his bare hands into the ancient oven to pull out your perfect pizza, thin crust, with fresh olive oil and basil cut with a scissors in front of your eyes. Recommended: Prosciutto pizza. Actually, get two pies, they’re so good. ($15-$20 per person)

    Adrienne’s Pizzabar: The Financial District: enjoy the nightlife on the booming Stone St. Recommended: Anchovy and black olive pie, washed down with a brew from one of the hopping bars next door. ($20-$25 per person)

    Sal and Carmine’s: Upper West Side: neighborhood pizza joint, no frills. Recommended: plain slice and a Dr. Brown’s soda, old school. ($7-$10 per person)