NYHRC Brings The Club To The Gym

by Rachelle Hruska · July 29, 2008

    DJ NICe at NYHRCWhen I walked into my gym last night (New York Heath & Racquet Club NYHRC at Astor place), to show my favorite gym consultant Errick McAdams my new bike, I was in for quite the treat.  There was a big DJ Booth where DJ Neil Nice (see left) was spinning.  It was an open house and it was just in time.  My iPod is in some serious need of a makeover, specifically songs I can run too.  I put my headphones down and let DJ Nice take over...it was almost like I was out at a party, except getting my workout was legit, (rather than the dance moves I try and pull out).  Plus, I was getting sweaty without having anyone else getting all up in my Bizness.  I propse that all gyms have DJ night once a week.

    The staff at my gym are the best in the city:

    More photos below:

    the staff at NYHRC Travis Wilson, Luis Allen,Carolina Quiroga, Adrianna Ifill, Chris Tejeda, David Lebron, and Errick McAdams

    Errick on my new bike:

    errick on my bike

    If you're looking for a new gym, he'll take care of you.