Oper8tor's Spring Essentials

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 20, 2008

    Dev Hynes [Dev Hynes]

    This is the first day of spring and in our continuing homage to its arrival here… some Opert8tor essentials. Basically just things I'm pretty into right now during this vernal equinox

    mocsMoccasins- whether going for a sophisticated cool casual elegance or living out the hippie tinge all the new starts and spring flowers tend to produce. These shoes are as crucial to roaming the newly warmed outside world, crossing streams and breaking sticks as they are to warmer easier nights out in Brooklyn. J. Crew Millbrook Suede driving Mocs (jcrew.com) Macs- Spring is as rainy as it is fresh and alive, so to keep dry in the April showers with a modicum of style MACS were invented back in 1824 by Charles Mackintosh. There have been quite a few breakthroughs in their construction since then and now instead of just rubberized raincoats, MACs can look as tailored and as stylishly put together as this Jack Spade one. (jackspade.com). Lightspeed Champion- with his folk troubadour stance and the best version of the Brain Jones haircut any black man has ever had ever Dev Hynes makes lush sweet music about listening to crunk music, envying the life of camels, and the existential questions of the value of it all. (Photo above) Key tracks: Stay the Fuck Away From Me- big, honest, self loathing fuck off to a not so nice lady friend, and Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac cover as equally, electrically liquid and ethereal as the original.