Our Favorite Palm Beach It Girl Shares Her Must-Haves For A Day À La Plage

by Guest of A Guest · December 17, 2021

    You know when you stumble across someone on Instagram and instantly realize they're living your dream life? Such is the experience we have when scrolling through the world of Caroline Bramlett, a.k.a. @lcbstyle

    After making the move from Alabama to the perfectly preppy Palm Beach, the fashionable Floridian (whose style and disposition are as sunny as the weather) has been filling her days with picturesque pastels, elegant entertaining, and, of course, plenty of breezy days at the beach. So who better to tap for some fabulous tips for jet-setters and snowbirds making their way to la plage this winter? 

    Psst: You're going to want to stock up on some AIX Rosé.

    What's the best thing about Palm Beach living?
    The weather and the beauty of Palm Beach - and the style too! I have forever been a beach girl at heart, and being able to live so close to the ocean has been a dream of mine. 

    Being surrounded by water, palm trees, and blooming flowers is so inspiring as a photographer. 

    Are you an early morning beach goer or a late afternoon lingerer?
    I wish I was both! I am usually a late afternoon beach girl though. 

    I love heading to the beach around sunset and soaking in the golden hour… with dinner and rosé it’s even better!

    Who are you inviting for a sunny day in the sand?
    My boyfriend who also happens to be my best friend :) 

    What are some of your beach bag essentials?
    When packing up for sunset at the beach, a few of my essentials include sunglasses, a good book or magazine, sandals, a speaker, a bottle of rosé (my personal pick is always AIX Rosé for its fresh, fragrant, fruity taste), and a couple of glasses - it always tastes even better when shared!

    How about your go-to beach day style tips?
    A flowy dress is usually my go-to. Whether it is hot or cold, a midi dress makes for the perfect thing to enjoy sunset by the sea. Depending on the weather, a few layers may be necessary too!

    Do you have any beachy beauty secrets?
    Headbands and hats are my best friend for taming hair in the wind. I also love Elta MD Tinted Moisturizer for SPF and a soft glow.

    Can we find you in the water or lounging under an umbrella?
    Probably lounging but I do love to dip my toes in and see all the beauty of the ocean up close! 

    How do you wind down when you're looking for a relaxing beach moment? 
    Honestly, all I need is a good book and a glass of rosé! Listening to the waves crash while sipping a freshly poured glass of AIX is really hard to beat - makes me feel like I'm in the south of France.

    Do you have a current favorite beach read?
    My current pick is Without a Hitch by my amazingly talented friend and writer Mary Hollis Huddleston!

    When it comes to more lively beach outings with friends, how do you make the mood feel festive?
    Rosé definitely makes things feel more festive and fun! 

    A good playlist is also essential!