Party Dress Of The Week

by KATHERINE BYRNES · June 23, 2008

    party dress of the week[Image via Shopbop]

    This party dress of the week is all about peace and love…man. This Venice dress by What Comes Around Goes Around is sure to revive your hippie status. During the day you can accessorize with a floppy-brim hat by Eugenia Kim and sandals (no Birkenstocks though!) Although most hippies tend to not go for a business casual look, you could try a psychedelic woven scarf (tye-dye of course!) and your favorite leather boots. For a nighttime look, strap on a pair of sky-high platforms, add a ton of thin, gold bangles and a peacock hairclip from Ra Creations and you’ll look like a luxe flower child in no time! Groovy.

    [Party Dress Of The Week]