The Perfect Pig?....Perhaps.

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · September 19, 2008

    Ignacio Mattos Il Buco[The centerpiece of the feast, a 200 lb. Ossabaw pig roasted infernillo style]

    Haven't gotten your fix of piggy products from San Gennaro's ubiquitous sausage and pepper carts? On Monday, step it up a notch, actually a lot of notches, and stop by Il Buco a few blocks uptown.  I always love going there to see what Ignacio's visit to the market brings to the daily menu, but Monday is special.  It's their 14th anniversary (hooray!), but it is also the fifth time they will host their Sagra del Maiale, or "Festival of the Pig", marking the autumnal equinox (in Tuscany, the "Sagra" is a communal meal held during county fairs or religious festivals).

    The centerpiece of the feast is a 200lb Ossabaw pig roasted infernillo style (between two iron plates like some Inquisition torture), with various hams and sausages to complement (there are some vegetable and fruit dishes also). The feast is outside on the cobblestones 1-6pm, and then moves inside, with these and other dishes available. Don't miss it - if we have another Monday like the last one, you'll be able to sleep it off Tuesday cause none of us will have jobs.