Great, Now Pickle Beer Is A Thing

by Danielle Spoleti · July 23, 2018

    Pickles are having a major moment right now. First comes ice cream, then comes... beer?

    You may love to love them or just flat-out hate them, but there’s no denying that you aren’t in a bit of a pickle, debating whether or not this boozy brew is worth a try. Might this be a good alternative to a pickle on the side at let's say, Katz's Delicatessen? Or even a pickleback shot?

    Sam-Sam The Pickle Man is a pickle beer made by a group of geniuses at Down The Road Beer Co. The brewery, in Everett, Massachusetts, created the specialty sip for the Boston Pickle Fair, which took place at the end of June. (You heard that right, there is indeed a pickle fair.) 

    To make fetch (I mean pickle beer) happen, Down The Road collaborated with another Boston favorite, Grillo's Pickles, in order to create this unique concoction.

    Now before you develop any salty feelings, it reportedly smells like pickles and cucumbers (refreshing!), and isn't too sour.

    Might this be the six-pack to make a splash at your next pool party? You’ll have to head to Down The Road's taproom to find out!