Prosecco Pong Kits Are Real & You Need One

by Jailene Villarroel · August 2, 2017

    Why didn't anyone think of this before?! Since we are all (arguably) grown up now, it's time to graduate from beer pong to, well, something a tiny bit more classy.

    Talking Tables are the ones we can thank for *drumroll*...Prosecco Pong! The kit includes 12 plastic, wide prosecco glasses and pink plastic balls setting you back only $25. Whats not included? The bubbly of course. The rules of the game are the same: have no cups on the opposing side and get drunk. But if the kit isn't enough to get the party started, add some fancy prosecco lights to set the mood.

    FYI, this is perfect for a bridal shower full of girls who never want to leave their sorority days behind them.

    [Photo via @talkingtablesparty