by guestofaguest · August 3, 2007


    Contrary to popular belief, NYC is just a fine place for dogs.  Okay so there's not rolling hills for them to frolick around in but we've adapted and so have they.  In fact, I know some dogs that actually rather prefer their city surroundings than the open country, not knowing what to do when taken to those weekends out east with their owners.  Dogs are great.  You can tell a lot about a person by their affections or lack there of towards dogs.  If someone hates dogs, we generally won't be friends with them.  We can understand not liking or wanting children (though we personally think they are great creatures too), kids talk back to you, they rarely follow instructions, and they are capable of throwing tantrums in public.  But a dog?  A dog is chill.  They just are.  They live these Taoistic lives of just being around, going with the flow, and following in whatever we want them too.

    If we had more time, or a more steady lifestyle we would own dogs.  We've always thought that the idea of being able to rent a dog for a couple hours, or even a weekend would be a marketable business plan.  Well, our wishes were answered.  Now at FlexPetz you can do just that.  Started in California, this company has fully trained, clean dogs for you to take home for just the right amount of play time.  This would be great for those beginning date plans as well.  Go to their website for all the info: