Saddle Up, New York!

by COLLEEN KROPP · May 27, 2008

     As a follow-up to how everyone spent their MDWs – I wanted to share an activity with everyone that can be done beyond just the occasional holiday weekend – horseback riding!

    Yes, horseback riding in New York City is an option for those who want a little urban respite and wish to indulge in some equestrian activities. My roommate this past weekend went out to Prospect Park, where she and a friend enjoyed an hour-long session with Margaret and Katie (their horses, of course!) The park offers three and a half mile long trail with a nice scenic route to be admired.

    I like to think of this option as a means to gain some serenity amidst the frequent NYC chaos, hustle-and-bustle.

    So saddle up, New Yorkers – and if you decide you want to be very cinematically romantic, raise the bar and opt for a ride on a beach trail.