Sexy Salads

by guestofaguest · July 17, 2007

    We know a good thing when we taste it.  That's why, when we had our first salad from Just Salads on Park Avenue we weren't fooled by the free cool bright-colored reuseable containers, the hip music, or the wickedly good-looking patrons (which apparently NY Mag has caught on too as well)....we were just smitten with the salads.  They are unmistakeably good.  The dressings and breads are amazing and the cheddar cheese! My god it's like a little bite of heaven for less than $10.  So apparently it's also the new cool place (along with the Bowery Whole Foods store) to meet hot singles in their 20s. Our thoughts?  We think that this is just about the healthiest way to meet a date ever.  No waking up the next morning with a massive headache wondering who is beside you, no pretentious dinner parties, no booze, no drugs,  just salad.

    From the NY Mag article: “There are always attractive girls and guys my age there,” says Michele Waldman, a 25-year-old regular. “And Nick and Rob are so cute and flirt with all the girls in line—it’s great,” she says. And, of course, there are also those healthy salads. “Cute guys plus carb-free dressing?

    Nick and Rob are of course the young 20-year old owners and founders.  They quit their hedge fund jobs to sell salad.

    We also think the people they found to interview were cute:

    Steve Newhouse 25, investment-research manager Why are you here? There are a lot of attractive women in here. And the dressings are great. I come here for the dressings and the girls, basically.

    Dressing and Girls...sounds about right