Shocker: Millennials Are Spending More Money On Coffee Than Retirement

by Stephanie Maida · January 17, 2017

    Whether you're in it for the trendy Instagram, or just straight up addicted, coffee is likely a major part of your life as a young, driven, and well, thirsty up-and-comer trying to make it in life. And we mean, when it comes to funding your impending success, what's the more lucrative investment bet - coffee or retirement? 

    If you answered the exotic bean juice of the gods (duh), then congratulations, you are correct! According to a recent survey by Acorns, an investing app that automatically saves your spare change, almost half of female millennials (ages 18 to 35) spend more on a cup o' joe than they do on their retirement fund. Big surprise there. While 44% of the women surveyed tend to care more about sipping than saving, the survey indicates that around 34% of guys spend the same way. This is probably because dudes tend to favor those classic dad brews while, speaking solely for ourselves, ladies tend to err on the side of pretty lattes and quality cups. Whatever. Who wants to retire anyway?!

    [Photo via @lapetitenoob]