So Fresh And So Clean: The 5 Minute Makeover

by KATHERINE BYRNES · May 23, 2008

     Have you ever been stuck with absolutely no time to get ready for a party? And have to go, you just have to! But, you realize your hair is a little less than clean, your face is a little less than smolderingly good looking and you have had more than enough coffee so your breath is a little less kissable? For me, most of the time the answer is "yes" Well have I got news for you! You can still make it to the party fashionably late with these products I love and couldn't possibly live without!

    1. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder: This spray is perfect for decreasing the appearance of oily hair. The powders also come in different colors including, white, blondish, red, brown and black, so every type of hair can look great! 2. NARS "Lust for Life" Compact: I just love this compact mostly because it has everything and my favorite lipstick, dolce vita. 3. Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens: The 100% natural linen blotting papers come in original, green tea and lavender. They're especially great for sensitive skin and won't mess up your make-up.

    4. Fresh Sugar Deodorant/Antiperspirant: This roll-on has a light fragrance and the size is airplane-approved (in case you have to jet off to a party!) 5. Listerine Pocketmist: "Fresh breath", nuff said.

    Without these products I would probably be the girl at the party that no one talks to. (Remember the smelly kid in elementary school? Yeah, kind of like that) These products also work for you night-owls coming back from the long night out, but now you can bring your tired, but newly refreshed, self to work!

    Does anyone have any other useful products I could use? I'm always looking for ways to get ready faster!