Sydney Sadick Has The BEST Advice For Dating In A Pandemic!

by Christie Grimm · February 11, 2021

    Digital dating has never been a walk in the park, butwith the pandemic, I think we can all agree it feels like a truly treacherous path. Lucky for you author, style expert, host, and crazy eligible bachelorette Sydney Sadick has the absolute best advice for you to take the apps!

    We caught up with Sydney to grab some insight into everything from her go-to first text on Bumble to her biggest profile turn-offs. For those looking to chat more about self-love, pandemic dating and being your best Valentine, be sure to RSVP for her Re-Defining Valentine's Day virtual event tonight at 8PM EST with special guests Lindsey Metseelar of WeMetAtAcme and Missy Modell!

    What's your dating mantra?
    Everything happens for a reason! Each person I've been with has taught me more about what I do and don't want.

    Which dating apps should every single person really be on?
    I'm loving Lox Club right now! It's a new app and the guys are completely different than I've seen on other apps and they all seem to be ambitious and passionate about their careers which I find attractive. I still think Bumble is a great option because it doesn't feel like you (women) have to wait for the guy to make the first move, since you're initiating the first message. Plus,if you're someone who's in entertainment or a more creative industry, Raya can be good too! But I must say, having been single for the last year, I've never been in a better place and have enjoyed the time to focus on myself—this isn't to say I won't be ready to date when things feel safer, though!!

    In your fashionable opinion, what's the perfect profile pic outfit?
    High waisted jeans, statement top (but nothing too fussy), classic hoop earrings. Stay away from showing off noticeable designer can give off the wrong message!

    What's your go-to first text on Bumble?
    "Real Talk: What's the number 1 thing that makes you happy?" I think it's important to stay away from the "hey, how are you" lines because you don't learn about the person through answers to that question. I also think implying that you're here to get to know someone will steer the people away who are just looking for a hookup—unless you want that!

    What do you think is the best way to make your profile stand out?
    One of the first things we visually notice about someone is the way they dress. I think it's important to stay true to your personal style and not be afraid to make a statement. During COVID, I like putting out a mix of pictures of your pre-pandemic life (don't be ashamed to have a pic or two that's a little flirty or on a beach!) and also some more relatable in-the-moment pictures. No shame, I'm literally in my favorite Lively loungewear in some of them. But that's me keeping it real, and authenticity sprinkled with a little sexy always shines through.

    Is there anything that immediately turns you off when scrolling through profiles?
    YES! Men who post pictures with kids or other women and say that they're not their kids or girlfriends. Like seriously??? Why make me think that hard so soon and already question you?! Haha.

    What's your idea of a fun socially distanced first date?
    Walking in Central Park and getting hot chocolate or coffee and sitting far apart from one another!! Dating during these times requires trust; you never know where someone new has been, just sayin'!

    Thoughts on slipping into someone's DMs?
    Totally here for it. A guy I once dated actually slid into mine, and I'm not sure we would've met any other way. And truth be told, I actually slid into a guy's DMs for the first time recently. I had the worst crush on him for years—he answered :)

    How do you like to practice self-love?
    I take a bath every single night before I go to bed—it's my ritual! I light a candle, put on some music, and after noticing I've been on Instagram for too long, put my phone down and close my eyes and let myself just relax—which isn't easy for me to do, by the way, since my schedule is crazy from the moment I wake up to when I finally get into that bath.

    What's one thing you love to treat yourself to?
    Delicious chocolate! I literally have a candy store in my kitchen; boxes of Teuschers, Edelweiss Beverly Hills marshmallows; Laderach candy; Lindt balls; Stick with me Truffles; no joke, I have all of these in my kitchen at one time. YOLO!

    What makes you feel your most confident?
    All of the things I haven't been able to have in a year! A spray tan, professional blowout, professional makeup, a pedicure, and body massages. Hoping I can get back to these routines soon!! Oh, and a pair of heels!

    [Photo via @sydneysadick]