Crème Yvette Shakes And Stirs Up Cocktail World

by BILLY GRAY · March 12, 2010

    If you've so far resisted the temptations of the roaring cocktail boom and stuck with your generic G&Ts or vodka sodas, Crème Yvette should finally get you up to speed. That is, if you can get your hands on the selling-like-hotcakes newcomer.

    Brought to you by Cooper Spirits Company, the folks behind 2007's St. Germain liqueur reintroduction, Crème Yvette is back after a half-century's hungover nap. The blend of four berry fruits, infused with violet petals from Provence, makes for the perfect spring cocktail component (e.g. the Violet Beauregarde, the Aviation) or, if you can't get enough, après-dinner digestif.

    Astor Wines & Spirits already sold out of the stuff, but be persistent. And if you can't wrap your own mitts around a stylish bottle (or can't mix a drink without confusing lime juice with ginger beer) saddle up to the nearest cocktail bar. Your favorite bartender (or mixologist, if you insist) has a new trick up his vintage shirtsleeve.

    More photos from the release at Astor Wines HERE.