The Birds Are Here! It's Perchin' Season

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 25, 2008

    Post Boxes

    Some may argue that perching upon Post Boxes warrants some sort of chastising, but for me, it is the quintessential harbinger of warmth. I just checked, things aren’t looking so sweet for the rest of the weekend, or the rest of the week—but today, let me urge you, as you weave your way back to whatever block on which you reside, to start scouting for good perch real estate. These spots get taken up quick. Mine’s in Prospect Park, just right of the Picnic House—good access to the bathrooms, but hidden in the shady trees. Trust me, your perch says a lot about your city steez. Don’t be found loitering over crowded park benches. Those are for tourists and corporate types to consume there Qdoba on.