The Bubble Calendar: Pop Your Days Away

by ASHLEY SIMKO · July 8, 2008

    Bubble Calendar[Image via coolhunting]

    Bubble wrap is the crack of the packaging world. I loved creating popped patterns into spare sheets of it long before I ever understood that it served an actual purpose. As a kid I played with it for amusement and as a teenager out of procrastination. As an adult, the opportunities seem to present themselves less and less. Luckily, now you can bring your co-workers the same (auditory) discomfort that you once brought to your parents. Introducing Bubble Calendars by Stephen Turbek:

    Based on the universal premise that everyone likes to pop bubbles, memories of Advent calendars, interesting ways of marking time's progression and needing to know what day it is, Stephen came up with the Bubble Calendar. After much development and working through production issues (lining up all of those bubbles is not as easy as it looks) the calendars are finally available; they come in both horizontal and vertical versions, and are backed on clear acetate or on white paper. All major holidays are noted. - Evan Orensten

    Although not the first of its type, this is definitely the most readily available. Prices range from $30 to $50 per calendar. If you don't think that buyer's remorse will fade within the first week of popping, an online version can be found here. Happy popping!