The Cutest/Saddest Thing You'll Ever See: Kittens And Soldiers

by Chiara Atik · July 8, 2010

    These photos come from three US Marines, who have been spending their down time in Afghanistan rescuing little kittens who have been caught in a cross-fire of a war they certainly don't have anything to do with.

    Obviously, Afghanistan has much bigger problems than a few abandoned kitties, but it warms our jaded, cold New York hearts to see these burly men nurse these tiny things back to health.


    This week we talked a lot about the Fourth of July, and all the parties, hotdogs, and fireworks associated with the holiday. But we didn't talk about about the troops who are dutifully serving over in Afghanistan, far away from the beach parties and vodka luges we sometimes take for granted.

    So, thank you Brian Chambers, Chris Berry, and Aaron Shaw, for everything you've done for our country (the smallest, but not the least of which being taking care of abandoned Afghan kittens.)

    Go HERE to read the complete story of the Marines and the Kittens, but maybe not at work, because you'll probably cry, and if you cry you have to go outside.