"The Genius Of Gossip Girl"

by Rachelle Hruska · April 21, 2008

    tv shows [Anybody else see the similarities?]

    Best.Show.Ever...Reads the front cover of this week's NY Magazine. They believe, for six, well-argued reasons, that Gossip Girl is the Best.Show.Ever. After seeing their cover I finally put my finger on it, GG is like the sexier, naughtier, more realistic, younger, 21st century version of Friends...and now the whole cast is half naked in the cover shot, not just Jennifer Aniston.

    The Genius returns on screen tonight. I want to say that this was completely and utterlessly UNCALLED for as a cover story on what is supposed to be a "classy" magazine. Alas, I don't have it in me though. I mean don't the writers over at "serious publications" deserve a break once in awhile? Don't you think they suffer enough these days with the incessant coverings of Spitzer's whereabouts, the meanderings of the political candidates, and the boring discussion on the metro fare spikes?


    You've just GOTTA throw SOME king of perks in to keep your staff writing for you for less money than an 18 year old intern at JP Morgan makes.....that perk this week was hanging out with the cast of the hottest show at Rose Bar, maybe next week it will be getting to clean some spilt ruby red cocktail off Leven Rambin's dress at Beatrice.

    We will be firmly planted in front of our flat screen tonight to see who's coming out, who's making out, and who's pouting out. Please get yourselves caught up on the Gossip beforehand with the handy dandy chart they created (above).