The Chic Marijuana Accessories Line Created For Women

by Stephanie Maida · April 20, 2018

    Despite what D.A.R.E. would have you think, modern marijuana smokers are anything but lazy slackers hanging out in their parents' basement. In fact, as the (legal) cannabis industry takes off, more and more women are shaking off the stigma and enjoying their tokes with a luxurious touch. And just as we like our shoes, bags, and beauty products high-end, our smoking accessories should be just as chic. That's where House of Puff comes in.

    Founded by NYC gal-about-the-art-world Kristina Adduci (a former GofG-er, in fact!), House of Puff has been called "the Glossier of weed accessories," offering everything from pastel pink porcelain pipes to a "Lit Kit," which features a candle, carrying case, limited edition rolling papers, a guide on how to roll, and more.

    "I started House of Puff simply because I wanted something modern and chic to supplement cannabis use. The majority of marijuana accessories take design cues that are very masculine or derived from that 'stoner' counter-culture aesthetics," Kristina says. "With my background in the arts, I appreciate beautiful objects and design. House of Puff is focused on developing well designed, not over designed, products for women who view cannabis as an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle."

    So, in honor of 4/20, why not treat yourself? Get lit, ladies.

    [Photo courtesy House of Puff]