The Subscription Box You And Your Pet NEED!

by Christie Grimm · July 31, 2019

    Having a dog in New York is hard enough. Trust me, I know. Every square inch of my apartment seems somehow completely taken up by my yellow lab Mercer at any given moment in time. A dog bed in every room, toys strewn about the floor, hair everywhere. It's a full time job just keeping my place in respectable shape, let alone stocking up on the things she actually needs.

    Enter Ernest. "The modern day milkman for your pup." Their monthly bundle includes all the supplies you likely overlook. Treats, breath bars and No. 2 bags. I know I'm not the only person who's been stranded on the street without a bag!

    Offering total customization, Ernest will help you create the perfect bundle for your pup. Choose your treats, your delivery frequency, and add on any extras you may want (like Hip & Joint Supplements, food topper, even shampoo!). Doesn't get easier than that, no?

    [Photo via @cloverandfiona]