The Top Most Annoying iPhone Autocorrections

by Chiara Atik · November 8, 2010

    Have you heard of DamnYouAutoCorrect? It's a website in the style of "Text From Last Night" or "FML", which takes screengrabs of the worst, most cringe-worthy iPhone Autocorrects. And it's pretty addictive. Click below to check out some of our favorites...

    1. "Penis", instead of "Pedis" (as in, pedicures)

    2. "lic it" for "kick it".

    3.  "Mustaches" for "muhuhuhaha" (this one actually happens to me all the time!)

    4. "Terbium" for "Red Bull"

    5. Racist iPhone

    6. "Gonads" for "Fiance"

    7. "Nailed" for "Emailed"

    8. "Anorexics" for "Shortcuts"

    9. "Saggy" instead of "Ahhhhh"

    10. Whorehouse for Whitehouse

    And the bane of iPhone users everywhere...