The Varvatos Experience

by guestofaguest · May 29, 2007


    This Sunday, John Varvatos "Hit the Beach" and opened his sixth free-standing store with Frederic Fekkai, Tom Felicia, and Jerry Della Femina playing hosts to the event. The 1,800 square foot store on 54 Newton Lane, offers clothing, accessories and furnishings from the well-known menswear designer. While shopping in a Varvatos store is nothing new for us, this Monday's was not just a shopping trip but an experience!...It was filled with vinyl records, vintage photographs, and mid-century furnishings not just to look at but all for sale.

    John Varvatos took what he calls an "anti-designer" approach. "I've been collecting on my travels for the last four or five months, going to flea markets," he says. "I found pieces I'd want in my home—but they're going to be holding clothing, and other than the cash register, everything's for sale."


    From Men's While the space will host regular gigs and parties on Saturday nights—including an August 4 bash for shutterbug Bob Gruen—it will also be open by appointment at the very un-rock-'n'-roll hour of 7:30 a.m. "People used to come and hang out in my original store in SoHo," Varvatos explains. "So every Saturday or Sunday, we'll have stacks and stacks of New York Timeses—come in and pick one up, we're giving them away, and we'll have coffee and true breakfast for people."