There's A Canned Rosé You Can Buy Via Venmo & It's A Game Changer

by Danielle Spoleti · June 15, 2018

    Sip sip, hooray! There’s a new drink in town with a whole new purchasing power behind it. And it comes just in time for the summer season. Anyday Rosé is now offering wine connoisseurs the option to purchase the precious pale hues of pink summer water (or in this case, cider) through Venmo. Yes way rosé you heard that right, Venmo

    Former NFL player Pat McAfee and former Barstool Sports advertising director Louis Roberts teamed up with winemakers Andrew Jones of Tin City Cider and Michael Zinke of Zinke Wines to make their own version of Rosé cider. Rosé clearly rules the world. And now that AnyDay Rosé allows you to purchase the stuff with a simple tap on your phone, there's no excuse not to sip your summer days away.

    The 375-milliliter cans come in packs of 8, 24, 96, and 365. The brand points out the meaning behind that massive order is "one for each day of the year." Or, you know, a giant rager.

    The packs retail for $32, $84, $312, and $1,200, respectively. If you choose to purchase the 365-pack, you'll be paying a small amount of $3.29 per can. Plus, the cans are designed with the intention to appeal to both men (yes way brosé) and women.

    With the summer season in full swing, orders are bound to fizz up, so I’d buy this, stat.

    [Photo via @anyday_rose]