"There's Things On Film Sets Which No One Tells You, Like For Christ's Sake Don't Stick Your Tongue In! Unless Your Co-Star Does, DON'T!"

by Chiara Atik · July 23, 2009

    Uh-oh, which young star might have made an on-set kissing faux pas? Click to find the answer..

    It was Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe! He tells the Sunday Mercury:

    "There's things on film sets which no one tells you, like for Christ's sake don't stick your tongue in! Luckily, I have never made that mistake, but no one tells you and you're too embarrassed to ask. Generally speaking, unless your co-star does, DON'T! It didn't stop me from trying though..."

    Really though, I can't imagine any co-star would have minded at all....