This Genius New App Lets You Book A Big Name Chef For Your At-Home Dinner Party

by Stephanie Maida · March 11, 2021

    Nights out may have turned into "nights in," but that's not stopping industry pros from wanting to provide you with a seriously luxurious experience. 

    Prepare to upgrade all of your intimate at-home gatherings with SAVOUR, a genius new app from a team of hospitality veterans including co-founder of 1OAK, Ronnie Madra, and the former chef de cuisine at Joe's Restaurant, Kristel Arabian. In the wake of the industry's economic slowdown, they wanted to find a way to support working chefs while giving people an opportunity to bring the fancy restaurant vibes home. 

    SAVOUR does both. Rather fabulously, in fact.

    Users can peruse the app and instantly reserve a fine dining chef for a private dinner in their own home. From booking the date and time to planning out the night's full menu, all could be done with a few simple clicks on your phone. It's like having a whole party planner in the palm of your hand. 

    The growing roster of participating chefs is already impressive, with big names including Francis Derby, Akiko Thurnauer, Adam Raksin, Josie Waters, Rebecca Paccione, and Christopher Meleco, whose resumes span the kitchens of Per Se, Momofuku, Nobu, and The Mark by Jean-Georges.

    "It’s not to say that we won’t go back to restaurants, but there’s currently a real need to create jobs. We’re here to create a business that gives a new way of social interaction," says Madra. "That's what’s important to me with Savour. Of course I want to make money - but not at the price of my humanity. If Billionaires have billions in the bank, I’m a trillionaire in the currency of good people. I love people, and that’s what it’s all about. People come together not only because the food is great, but because they feel welcomed and appreciated."

    SAVOUR is currently operating in NYC and Miami, with plans to expand to the Hamptons, Los Angeles, and San Francisco this spring.

    Sure to become every host and hostess's new best friend, the app can be downloaded HERE. All you need to do is set the table!

    [Photo courtesy Savour]