The US Open

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 11, 2008

    US Open

    So we got home last night after a long and hectic day and saw one of those fed-ex tags hanging from our door. We live in a small doorman-less building so is always a pain to get deliveries, which is why we don't get fresh direct! We weren't expecting anything so we were doubly annoyed about having to go to the fedex office to retrieve the package. Our annoyance turned to excitement when we saw the return address of Flushing Meadows.

    Our US Open pack has arrived. We go ever year and once you order a plan, they send you the same one ever year until you tell them to stop. Also the longer you have the subscription, the better your seats get.

    If you have not made it to the US Open, you really must. It is a truly amazing experience and there is no other tennis crowd in the world like a New York tennis crowd. We like to go on the weekends and spend the day at the US Open park. You can shop, drink and eat, although you may need to up the limit on your credit card to do these things as the prices are more outrageous than any airport we've ever been to. We always seem to root for the underdog so we are endlessly disappointed-the exceptions being Roger Federer and James Blake. Nonetheless, we wouldn't miss it for the world, and if you can, neither should you....