When I Was Your Age...

by COLLEEN KROPP · June 11, 2008

     When I read about Upper West Side's Barney Greengrass "bringing back 1908 prices," I couldn't help but smile and think about the mantra of our elders "When I was your age such-and-such cost 10 cents and yadda yadda yadda…" Well the Greengrass owners are decidedly "giving back" to their customers.

    Today only, on 86th and Amsterdam, you can go and sit down in Barney Greengrass and order a roast beef sandwich for ninety cents and a coffee for fifteen cents!

    Sign me up! The family run business tried to maintain an air of authenticity, and therefore did not include bottled water and diet soft drinks in their giving-back promotion since they were not around "back in the day."

    At any rate, it's very interesting to compare today's menu with the one from decades past - check it out and then be stymied by the fact that our economy has changed so drastically in the past century...then go enjoy a good meal uptown!