Treat Your Pup To A Custom Portrait This National Dog Day

by Stephanie Maida · August 21, 2019

    Dogs really are our best friends. They know our secrets (and never judge), they listen to our problems, they're always excited to see us and will never ditch dinner plans (like some of the other so-called besties we know). 

    So they deserve to be seriously celebrated this National Dog Day. And if a new squeaky toy just won't cut it for your fur baby, spoil them with a gift worthy of the royalty they are: a custom portrait.

    On August 26th, the Moxy Times Square is hosting a pup portrait party with popular pet artist Ben Lenovitz. For $80, your most cherished BFF will be forever commemorated on canvas while benefiting his buddies - 50% of all proceeds will go to Muddy Paws Rescues.

    In addition, guests are invited to stay overnight by booking the ‘House Pet’ package where your pooch will receive a custom Moxy dog bowl to take home, an in room doggie blanket, and a bag of treats. Humans, you get a complimentary breakfast.

    To reserve your spot, email with PET in the subject line!

    [Photo via @benlenovitz]