Why We Love Lisa Perry

by CLAIRE WILLETT · July 2, 2008

    lisa perry style

    Because her dresses are the perfect mix of Courreges, Cardin, and Mary Quant. Because they come in popsicle-bright hues. With huge, constrasting pockets. Because she makes circular, almost flat bags with punch-out handles. And fanny packs. Which is gutsy, if nothing else. Because everything about her line, its aesthetic, its colors, its sense of humor, make me happy, in a skipping-through-the-streets-to-the-tune of-Oh-Bla-Di, Oh-Bla-Da sort of way.

    Want to feel the same? Check out her wares online, in Bergdorfs, Jeffrey, the 59th St Bloomies, or her own Sag Harbor boutique in the American Hotel.