Why We Love xoJane.com

by Christina Makoyawo · May 24, 2011

    Unless you have been living under an Internet-rock, you are aware of the birth of xoJane.com. xoJane is a recent project for Jane Pratt, former Editor-in-Chief of aptly-named Jane and Sassy magazines. I think I wept when Jane Magazine ended but with news of xoJane I weep no more.The site just launched on May 16th and is already drumming up a strong buzz and flourishing site followers.

    According to xoJane.com it "is where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded. This is not the place to find out how to please your husband, mom, kids or boss. This is the place to indulge in what makes you feel good."

    There are several reasons why we love xoJane and it isn't because our office is fueled with female writers. Or due to Jane Pratt being awesome...which she is. We love her site because its a continuation of Sassy & Jane. It's an outlet for intelligent women to share their talent and voice, priding themselves on "living what they are writing about." From their honest blog titles like "3 Products for Self-Absorbed Bitches Like Me Who Still Haven't Donated to Japan," "My Dog Won't Stop Eating My Underwear," and the recent "I'll Try Anything Once -- Lifting Breast Facial," how could you not love it? It's a mix of hilarity, honesty and intelligence that makes the site such a cool read.

    Things They Share:

    Jane shares screen-capped images and video straight from her iPhone. It's updated onto the site daily. The writers and editors also share some their personal activities. But it's almost in a "I know you've might have thought of this before, but didn't meet anyone who's done it and admitted it yet" kind of way.


    Beauty & Health editor, Cat with her pepto bismol facial.

    Managing Editor, Emily blogged about her "lifting breast facial."


    Launch Party:

    Courtney Love, Bonnie Morrison, Eric Nicholson

    Courtney Love, Michael Stipe, Jane Pratt

    Amanda Hearst, Dahlia Overlander, Drew Elliot, Mr. Mickey, Natalie Joos [via]

    Enjoy folks!