Wine-Infused Coffee Is The Perfect Cure For The Mondays

by Stephanie Maida · March 6, 2017

    Sometimes it seems like all that coffee is just helping you bide your time before 5 o'clock hits and it becomes socially acceptable to pop open a bottle of wine. Especially on Mondays. Well friends, you no longer have to wait to indulge. Behold: wine-infused coffee.

    Just about the best two things to hyphenate ever, this exclusive blend by Molinari Private Reserve (a Napa Valley cafe, natch), roasts the coffee beans with vino and then dries them in small batches. The more milk you add, the more the wine flavors come out. Can life get any better?

    Yes, because MPR delivers.

    Due to an expectedly overwhelming demand, they are currently out of stock, but we suggest you smash that refresh button as often as possible in order to place your order.

    [Photo via @hammerhandcoffee]