Yoga To The People

by COLLEEN KROPP · May 8, 2008

    yoga to the peopleThe warm weather is upon us, which also means less layering and the necessity of donning the warm weather wardrobe...and maybe even…er…physical exercise! What does this mean for the busy New Yorker woman who just doesn't have the time to make it to the gym, let alone want to pay for a membership that will hardly ever be used? Do not be daunted.

    After having moved back to New York from London, I was in need of such a solution that would prove to be both malleable and catering to my packed schedule, as well as a form of exercise that would work my body and give me a sense of serenity to face my daily stresses. A good friend of mine had been raving for some time about a yoga program she found on St. Mark's – hour-long sessions run by experienced yoga instructors. Even better, the cost is donation based! Believe me, after one session of Yoga To The People, you are more than happy to drop a few bucks in the donation box in overwhelming thanks for the vinyasa flow going through your body.

    YTTP currently has two locations - New York City and Berkeley, CA - and has had overwhelming success in participation. I had never even done yoga before, so I was naturally skeptical. My friend assured me that experience was a non-issue and that each session can be taken at your desired speed and agility. The range of people who attend Yoga To The People is incredible – it genuinely is for everyone. By the end of the session, your muscles feel not only strengthened, but invigorated as well, and your mind is actually drawn away from the day's chaos. By the time you finish, you are breathing calmly, taking in the peaceful atmosphere, listening to the soothing sound of the gong struck at the end, waiting in Child's Pose before heading out once again to the bustling city streets.