“You’ll Never Forget Your First Smoochie!”

by guestofaguest · December 4, 2007

    Never heard of Smoochies?  Neither had I until recently.  Well that's a lie, growing up a "smoochie" was always what we gave my parents before bed time, another word for "kiss".  Now, there is apparently a little mom-and-pop shop named the very same thing.  A friend informed me of the place and I'll admit, I was skeptical, after being bombarded the last 3 years with companies like Pinkberry and Tasti-D Lite popping up all over.  However, I decided to try a smoothie made with chocolate smoochie ice cream, soy milk, and protein powder last week.  It. was. delicious.  This was strange and new to me.  Never have I liked the taste of health-food items like soy milk.  And I think Pinkberry tastes like stale chalk.  This, however was actually good.  Now, here's the even better part: the calorie count per serving.  Here's how Smoochies stacks up:

    Tasti D-Lite: 90 calories per serving Pinkberry: 70 calories per serving Smoochies: 60 calories per serving

    My Smoochies is the winner.  Some other reasons to try?  It is 100% Lactose free, 99% fat free, a good source of protein and ALL NATURAL!  They are so confident that their Nutrition Facts are blown up and displayed on their window.


    Go Here for more information, as well as the chance to sign up for their daily newsletters that inform you ahead of time of the flavors of the day.