Tinsley Mortimer Begins Her Press Tour For "High Society"

by Chiara Atik · February 2, 2010

    [Tinsley with Mike Aho]

    Did you catch The Tinz on Extra last night? Erhm, yeah, neither did we. But Tinsley tweeted all about it yesterday, so it's ALMOST as though we were there. And guess what else she tweeted about...-

    @TinsleyMortimer Umm what? Constantine's ROA show at Sundance was AMAZING...obsessed

    What?? But they broke up, right? And he was seen in Sundance with other girls while she was "on the prowl" at the GoldBar Sundance Party or something? Is this just friendly support of an ex? Are they back together? Or just drumming up interest in "High Society"? Damnit, Tinsley, I hate you for making me care about this.

    Well, anyway. After Sundance, Tinsley headed to work...

    @TinsleyMortimer YAY! I just got to sunny LA for work with my CW show HIGH SOCIETY!!

    But this tweet was followed by yet ANOTHER uncharacteristic glimpse at her social life!

    @TinsleyMortimer Today is my chichi Bella Mortimer's birthday! Topper said she asked for a pink corvette but she is NOT getting one

    So she still pals around with Topper, eh? Is there then a glimmer of hope for a reconciliation? After all, her mom is Team Topper. That would make a dazzling end to this reality show.

    But back to work.

    @TinsleyMortimer Getting ready to tape EXTRA today for HIGH SOCIETY!!Nervous!!

    The Tinz? Nervous in front of a camera? Also...what's with the double punctuation on everything?

    @TinsleyMortimer EXTRA was so much fun today!! I wore an amazing short hot pink J.Mendel dress!! Obsessed!! Mario is a hottie!!

    Aw, Tinz, we knew you'd be fine. Also, is "Obsessed" your catchphrase? Cause we could get behind that.

    @TinsleyMortimer Just got a shout out from JoJo on the radio on KIIS FM in LA!! YAY!! :) :) Love him!!

    Glad the initial press tour is going well. We'll be sure to keep you all posted, and stay tuned for "High Society" coming soon to the CW...we have a feeling everyone is gonna be obsessed!! :) :)

    [Image via Twitter]