Tinsley Mortimer's CW Show To Be Named "HIGH SOCIETY"

by Rachelle Hruska · January 27, 2010

    Tinsley Mortimer's show is apparently a "GO" after all. And why wouldn't it be? During the 3+ weeks of filming we witnessed more cat fights and drama than those girls from "The Hills" could ever produce. Today, we learn the name...

    "High Society," according to The Tinz' Twitter feed last night, is the name of the show we will all be dissecting this spring.  Tinsley's ex Topper may have made the NY Post's "Most eligible bachelor list" yesterday, and her American Idol fling, Constantine Maroulis may be getting snuggly with the ski bunnies of Sundance, but Tinsley's got a show! Take that boyz!

    Expect to see Tinsley and her sister Dabney Mercer's fight with Devorah Rose (at our redesign party!), more drama from klepto Paul Johnson-Calderon, Jules Kirby, and even Mama Mercer make appearances in the show.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the faces of NYC High Society:

    The Cat Fight that took over our redesign party.